Classical Violinst to Soul Singer/ Rapper

Odysseus is a Virginia residing Musician, Actor, Model and Singer Songwriter. Through many years  of music study he has developed his main unique style which he has coined as "Epic Soul". The style uses traditional movie sounds merged with elements of soul, pop and Trap.

As a classical composer he never thought he would find a love and appreciation for modern music. At 8 years of age he started studying piano and violin many years later he added viola to his repertoire. It wasn't until 10 years later at the age of 18, that he discovered voice, when the college he was attending didn't have an option for him to study strings. This led him to study classical voice and opera.  

Odysseus feels a deep responsibility to champion diversity in thought when it comes to developing music. With his debut single "This is why I Cry" he demonstrates that, drawing from classical and Asian inspiration contrasting that with latin and trap influences 

"This Is Why I Cry" comes to online streaming platforms on the 12th of March.